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When it comes to taking on personal challenges, Armin has proved himself more than once that in life all things are possible and personal dreams can become reality.

Armin was born in southern Germany into a large family of emigrants and adventurers, with their roots spreading from Russia to North America. He spent a simple and withdrawn childhood, which was shaped by the proximity to nature and animals. In his youth he started to create visions for his future; like some of his ancestors he wanted to emigrate and finally made his way to Central Canada at age 19. Six months he lived with members of the Cree First Nation Indian Tribe while gathering deep insights into the life in the wild and gained knowledge about people in harmony with their surrounding nature.

From Warrior To Adventurer

Armin received training at one of the most demanding units of military organizations: the French Foreign Legion.

He later worked for the US Army and also served in an infantry unit of the German Defence Forces. He left the military environment to pursue a successful career as a photographer and visual artist with his work exhibited and published internationally. As a journalist he travelled from the coast of Alaska to the desert in Arizona and later on established himself in the field of art therapy and performance art in Ireland.

As an accredited mediator in the peace process in Northern Ireland, he was able to contribute to the mutual reconciliation after the local civil unrest.

Armin continuously paves the way towards new areas of learning and awareness; he received the initiation in Surat Shabd Yoga, practiced the thousandfold swirling of the Sufi Dervishes, shares the knowledge and traditions of Amazonian healers and is connected to Vedic and Indo-Iranian purification rites and wisdom paths. In 2008, in a serious car accident on a Northern Irish highway, Armin experienced an immediate out-of-body-experience, which opened to him higher levels of feeling and perceiving. Today he looks back on numerous activities in the fields of training, teaching and therapy; in the past years he guided thousands of people through all sorts of growth and transformational processes.

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