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Armin Raso is an internationally trained and active all-rounder in the areas of training and facilitation.

He grew up in southern Germany with a lot of proximity to nature and animals and was involved in animal and environmental protection from early on in his life. He has always had a deep relationship with wild animals since his childhood and as a young man also lived with members of the Cree First Nation (Cree Indians) in Canada and later Alaska, where his fascination for northern dogs and wolves in the wilderness deepened.

A special turn in Armin Raso's life took place in 2008 on a road in Northern Ireland: in a serious car accident he had an out-of-body experience, through which he developed an increased sensitivity and intuitive perception in the subsequent period.

In 2013, Armin completed a training as a nature educator in Switzerland and began parallel to explore the traditional healing arts of indigenous tribal cultures in the Brazilian Amazon. Particularly instructive, he found the work with the so-called "Animal Spirit Medicine", whereby the Indians use special properties of plant applications (mostly teas or snuff) to grant them direct access to the "natural soul" and communication with the animals. Today, Armin Raso is considered an expert in this field.

Exciting processes for dogs and humans

After years of working with people in nature, Armin began his practice as a dog whisperer in 2018. His dog training course "TEAMWORK" offers the participants an exciting learning field to build and deepen a trusting, harmonious and mindful connection between dogs and humans.

Armin's private training courses are offered throughout Switzerland and are coordinated and carried out by him personally. Please contact us for further information or booking questions.

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Ich habe einen Beziehungskurs für Hunde und ihre Halter/innen entwickelt mit dem Ziel, mehr Vertrauen und Harmonie zwischen Hund und Mensch zu bringen.

Das begleitende Tiergestützte Coaching ermöglicht es Ihnen, sich selbst zu begegnen - sich im Spiegel des Hundes zu erkennen und daraus zu wachsen.