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Grüezi! My name is Armin R. and I work with your dog and you as a facilitator and companion to develop a trusting and mindful bond between humans and animals.

This special method is based on a mainly leash-free dog training through dog whispering and natural outdoor adventures. It is generally suitable for all types of dogs and includes the conscious work with you as a dog owner. I support you in meeting your dog on a whole new level of relationship and communication for growing together as a sovereign team through fresh and exciting experiences. In my work with dogs, I apply a modern and innovative process which does justice to the intelligent and instinctive nature of the dog and provides a broad potential for personal development.

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Dog Whisperer


Armin Raso has been working in training and teaching since 1995. For a while he lived with members of the Cree First Nation in Canada and later he stayed in Alaska, where he deepened his fascination for life in the wilderness.

Oftentimes he met impressive dogs in the far north; Wolf hybrids and subspecies, as one hardly gets to see in Europe. Today, Armin lives in Switzerland and teaches his knowledge in courses, seminars and workshops.