Sniffing Session


TEAMWORK is the innovative dog training program suitable for all dogs and their owners.

The focus is on the development of your dog to become a fit and sovereign partner which is fully integrated into everday life and their social environment. In doing so, we do not only look at the animal's apparent "mistakes", but also examine various other symptoms between you and your dog. A dog without a leash asks for your trust and every dog deserves this benefit. On a larger scale it will offer you opportunities to regain lost confidence and grow in understanding of own projective behavioural patterns.

You will learn to connect on the level of the dog(s) and to give space to the natural unfoldings.

Therefore the aim is not necessarily to stop the animal from hunting or barking, but rather to gain natural obedience through adaptation and submitting to the hierarchy. The success of this TEAMWORK concept lies mainly in the use of the natural pack dynamic between dogs and in communication with the caregiver. At the end of the course you and your dog will have accomplished a wondeful new bonding and have learned to trust more and relax. Please connect with me personally to aks me questions concerning the special needs of your dog.

The TEAMWORK Program is a foundation course for practicing confidence and developing harmony between you and your partner.